Day 169: Spring Cleaning

My entire house is in serious need of some spring cleaning...clutter & disorganized closets and a layer of dust covering everything. I put Zoran to work scrubbing walls while the older two were out cleaning the yard, but the sad part is that even as meticulous as Zoran is (and he actually loves scrubbing things and washing dishes...I'm pretty sure it's too good to last) my walls are all completely disgusting -- at least from about the four-foot mark to the ground.  It's not so much that they need scrubbing as that they need complete repainting.

The really disheartening thing is that I've been cleaning and organizing things for hours and hours every evening for the last week and it really seems like I've made no progress. I also have all sorts of important paperwork piling up, so my new plan is just to get one area, room, closet or whatever accomplished every day so I at least have some visible accomplishment but hopefully avoid getting so incredibly behind in everything else.

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