Day 152: my assistant (and bartender)

Lex thinks he is my assistant.

He has his little desk next to mine upstairs and is always ready to "go get to work." Actually, I guess he's not much of an assistant. He usually tells me he has his own work to do. He'll bring books to read or fire trucks to study. Sometimes he watches things on YouTube on my ipod. Other times he just gets into my things and makes a large mess, but he always likes to be right beside me with his work.

He is also sort of a natural bartender. He knows what everyone likes to drink. (Not just the people who live here, but aunts and uncles and friends, too. ) Also, he believes everyone should always have a beverage in their hand. Throughout out the day he'll notice that I don't have one and go find something for me in the kitchen. He gets annoyed because I don't necessarily think I always need to have a drink. I think tonight he could tell I had a lot to get done. After he got his work set up beside me on the bed where I was sitting reading papers he went and brought me two Diet Cokes.

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