Day 151: Yes I have a problem

And since I took this picture earlier in the day everyone who lives here has since taken off the clothes they wore today and I now have two more loads of laundry to do.

This is all clean laundry, and I choose to believe that is much different (and better) than having an overwhelming piles of dirty laundry. It also all used to be folded too (except for a couple loads washed today & stacked in baskets on the floor) but since there have been giant piles like this in here almost a week now, everyone has been digging through their piles to find their stuff.  I've continued to wash and fold and add to the stacks, and it's all now a bit jumbled and less folded.

I actually don't mind washing clothes at all. Or folding them. Putting them away is an entirely different matter. I hate it to begin with, but when it all just ends up all over the closet or the bedroom floor a few hours later I hate doing it for the second time (and third and fourth...) even more. You can tell it's near the end of the quarter. When I get busy in one area of my life it shows up in others. My back entry has a similar lack of  organization going on right now. Azia's room is exponentially worse.

The bad part is occasionally people decide to come visit and try to come in through this door. A dangerous undertaking. You may not be able to visit unless you can jump the three stacked laundry baskets directly in front of the door and then squeeze through the second door that only partially opens due to the additional two other stacked baskets. You must also have highly developed ninja-rolling skills to avoid avalanches of falling clothing. If you don't visit often, you'd probably think it's just fluffy clean towels falling on you, but I'm sure there's bound to be a homemade weapon or two stashed in there somewhere. Possibly a stray neighborhood child.

I'd come rescue you, but chances are I'm buried beneath a similarly intimidating pile of research papers on the other side of the house.

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