Day 120: tired and achy

This is my photo for February 7th because it's the only photo I took. And I'm posting it a day late because after being completely miserable all day and only half conscious I went to bed at 6:30. For the night. If I had more energy I should have taken a picture of a Theraflu package because that was the only high point of my day. Apparently that stuff actually works because it was after I took some that I feel asleep after just being so achy and sore and miserable all day I couldn't accomplish anything. After the medicine I was no longer achy, but I had zero energy. . . to the point where it seemed way too much work to get up and turn off the light even though it was so bright it was bothering me.

I have no idea how people with ongoing health issues lead normal lives. I was being annoyed because it was just six months ago that I had a sore throat--and that didn't bother me much or stop me from doing anything, it was just really annoying because it wouldn't go away. I'm lucky that I rarely even have colds (which is why I didn't even know about over the counter meds...the only thing I've ever taken before today is ibuprofen) but every time I don't feel normal I realize two things:

1. I need to begin only doing jobs where I can call in sick at the last minute without any preparation and without screwing over a dozen people's schedules. I have had this plan for about 20 years now but have yet to have even one of these types of jobs. (Thank God I have a sister. . . I had to show up to teach, but she took all the kids for me all afternoon, yesterday and today.)

2. I am incredibly lucky to be incredibly healthy. I don't realize how much I do an a normal day till I can't get it all done.  It doesn't seem like  a lot when it's just a part of my routine, but after one day of not doing anything I feel like my house is a disaster and I have piles of work to do.

And now I'm off to take more drugs and see if I can get ready for tomorrow before I fall asleep again.

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