Day 117: sight words

Found this paper when I was building a fire today. . . evidence of Zoran's new way to practice sight words: the sports page and a highlighter. I doubt it will be very long before he's reading this section of the newspaper on his own, regardless of all those bizarre team and player names. After all, there is information he needs to know in here and he doesn't have the patience to wait for other people to fill him in.

And maybe it will help his pronunciation once he begins to sees how things are spelled. There are a few sounds he still has a little trouble saying exactly right. I'm tired of him heckling me about the "Boston Fallsticks." (Some of you might know them as the Celtics.) I don't even especially like the Celtics but he knows they play in the same city as the Red Sox and he's always up for a reason to start something.

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