Day 116: 100 Days

Tomorrow is Zoran's 100th day of elementary school. Of course the kindergarten classes are doing the 100 things activity. His class is doing a big trail mix with everything the kids bring. He picked Cheerios to add for his 100 things. (What kind of crazy kid picks plain old Cheerios over chocolate?)

I always give Zoran a hard time about his quick temper, but he's obviously a quick-tempered little boy who has lived with many small people his entire life. As he was counting out his 100 Cheerios he had not only his little brother right in front of him taking a Cheerio or three at a time out of the pile he was making, but there was also a two-year old to both his left and one to his right also taking things out of his pile, taking his box away, and "helping" him count.  Lex just kept babbling, "Mmmm... these are delicious!" and popping handfuls in his mouth..."DE-licious! de-LISHY-ous! DELICIOUS! Mmmm...." (I don't know that I'd ever heard him use the word delicious before today.) Ethen and Sage were helping him count. Ethen just repeated "OneTwo, OneTwo, OneTwo, OneTwo...." the whole time. Sage counted along too: "45! 45! 45! 45! 45! 45! 45!" Both of them occasionally stole Cheerios for their own piles throughout the process.

It was a slow process:
"45! 45! 45! 45! 45! 45! 45!"
Lex give me those!!
These are delicious!

Ugh. Now I have to start again!
45! 45! 45! 45! 45! 45! 45!
Mmmm. DE- Lish-ous!

Eventually Zoran got quicker at counting and adding and recalculating continuously as each of the three boys stole away his Cheerios. Once he had them all, he recounted twice to make sure he had it right. He didn't lose his temper once. All four boys were still happy and enjoying de-LISHY-ous Cheerios when he was done. I don't know many adults who could have made it through the exercise with all that help as calmly as he did. (That includes me.)


  1. just think how much smarter he is for all that on-the-fly recalculating! :) i, for one, would not have navigated through that exercise in patience without at least a few ruffled feathers. :) good for zoran.

    ps you've won my softie giveaway--shoot me an email when you can! (nicole k owens at yahoo dot com) thanks!!

  2. Way to go Zoran! I'm pretty sure I would've given up and counted the Cheerios after everyone was in bed!

  3. Good for Zoran! That is so hard to do and not lose your temper! I know I shouldn't but I laughed out loud when I read this...Priceless!!!!

  4. Your commentary made me laugh...SO familiar!!