Lipstick and Cell Phones and Nail Polish...Oh my...

Jenna just turned nine so we celebrated this weekend with a girls' day in Missoula. Azia was pretty excited since it was just as fun for her as it was for Jenna. Neither one of them was too sad about leaving all the brothers at home. I can't believe how grownup they are getting. It's a little scary.

It seems like it was just last January that they looked like this.

And now? They're just not so little anymore. 
The first stop was Sorella's. The nail technicians admired Jenna's hair and Azia's clothes and asked if she was dressed up for some special occasion. I thought it was pretty fun when Azia just stared at them blankly. You mean you don't dress exclusively in fake fur, glitter, lace and tulle? With bright pink lipstick? She had no idea what they meant. I had to tell the woman that actually that's pretty much how she always dresses. (If she decides to get out of her pajamas.)

Jenna's ticklish toes getting a pedicure
Azia's little blue toes. She and Jenna actually unknowingly picked the same color for their feet.
They both picked variations of bright pink for their nails.
After much debate, they settled on HuHot for lunch. 

watching their food...seeing the occasional fire was probably about as enjoyable as actually eating their food
and then toasting the s'mores...one of the highlights of the lunch

probably because it allowed them to play with fire
Surprisingly, they didn't start anything (except for the marshmallows) on fire

Jenna (with her fancy new pink nails) kept her mom updated on what she was up to throughout the day. Christina was supposed to go with us but she had to work on moving everyone into their new house. Jenna thought it was kind of cool that she got out of helping with that for the afternoon, too.
 After lunch we headed over to the mall.
Enjoying the escalator a little too much. Yep, their small town roots are showing.
 Stores and stores full of clothing and accessories. They probably could have spent all afternoon looking around. We did hang out there for a couple hours--much longer than I usually spend in the mall these days.

Azia LOVES Claire's. I think it's probably her favorite store ever. Walls full of accessories and do-dads. Here she discovered they had black light, glow-in-the-dark, and mood fingernail polish. She thought Israel broke our black light so she decided she needed the mood polish, preferably the pink funky/fabulous shade. When I told her she probably didn't really need any more nail polish she just questioned, "But how will I know if I'm funky or fabulous?!! How will I know Mom!?" And then giggled and ran off to try on a tiara. Those darn burning questions!

They spent quite a lot of time browsing around in Justice too (which usually Azia kind of likes) but they didn't even want anything. They were having some really good sales and I offered to get them something...maybe that just confused them since I never do that. Azia looked around for a little while and then announced "I don't like anything in here. I'm going back to Claire's." I think Jenna was just being shy or maybe polite. She'd start to look at things and get excited and then when Azia wanted to leave she said she did too. So we headed back to Claire's but since we'd already been in there for like an hour, the second time around I gave them $10 and ten minutes. Azia bought drinking straw glasses. They are just as bizarre as they sound. I think the money may have better better spend on  the mood nail polish. Really, it probably is important to know if she's funky or fabulous.

I pretty much think both girls are probably quite a lot of both. Pretty good company for a Saturday afternoon.

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  1. What a fun day! I love Azia's style- she cracks me up! They're both such cute girls! How lucky of them to have a girl cousin who they can be best friends with- I always wanted that, but never had it.