You Capture: Kindred

 kin • dred | ˈkindrid |
one's family and relations
relationship by blood  
the kids watching the Thanksgiving day parade...still sleepy-eyed in in their pajamas
and awake and ready to go a few hours later...

How do kids fill their days and hours if they have no siblings? 

Especially if they only have a cousin or two rather than a few dozen?  

Some of the kids making some serious Black Friday shopping plans.
Look at all the people in the kitchen "helping" get dinner ready.
Israel (unsuccessfully) challenges his yaya to an arm wrestling match. 
It's really good to have such good people. 



  1. Love all the people! And I, too, wonder how kids fill their days with no siblings :)

  2. Sweet pictures, I love the seriousness of the Black Friday shoppers.

  3. Oh my! I love every single shot! I'm so impressed that you thought to get a picture of the little shoppers! And that angle of the wrestling match with Woody?! Were you hanging from the ceiling fan?! Incredible!

  4. I could feel the happiness the minute I clicked here. What fun times you all had over Thanksgiving. We don't have any snow yet in Pennsylvania and I hope it stays that way for a while!

  5. Such awesome pictures- I love the camaraderie in each picture. The first two show the full spectrum of sibling-love.