Day 54: What did I do this time?

So for the most part I hear Zoran is a pleasant boy and nice to have around when he's out in the world interacting with people he doesn't live with. His teachers the past couple years have had only positive things to say about him and he has a whole collection of friends who still like to hang out with him.

But this is mostly what he looks like when I try to talk to him these days. It always seems as if the world is just not living up to his expectations. Everything is "boring" or "stupid." There is never anything to do or anyone to play with or food cooked quickly enough or the gloves where he put them (in this particular instance).  He spends way too much of his time stomping around, throwing things, kicking at walls or the ground, brow furrowed, voice whining. 

I'm hoping it's a phase.

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