Day 58: "A tree! Inside!"

We finally started Christmas decorating, which means we have the tree up and there are some ornaments on it and a lot of tubs of other Christmas stuff now overflowing and disorganized and scattered about.  I don't think the tree is done because it looks sort of scraggly and empty and lame. Dev does always thinks I put way too much on it and make it looks bad that way, so maybe it is done. Even if it's done, I don't think it has nearly enough lights because it wasn't even bright enough to take photos of the kids decorating it without a flash. (Which means I should've used the flash, but instead I took like 20 blurry pictures while annoyed that I can't ever get this camera to work and gave up...instead of just turning on the flash.)

But this part was one of Lex's highlights--just getting the tree set up. He kept dancing around yelling "A Tree! A tree! INSIDE!!! A tree inside!!" I guess it must see like some sort of special day if you decide to pull a 15-foot tree inside the house and stand it up, especially if you don't remember that ever happening before.

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  1. We got our tree on Saturday and set it up, but Doug had to go to work at midnight on Saturday, so he went to bed when we got home (I don't do lights--no one likes it when I do the lights). And then Sunday we spent all afternoon/evening at his mom's house. Keilana was getting really disturbed about the lack of lights and ornaments on our tree, so she was insistent that he would put them on last night (Monday). When she came downstairs dressed for school this morning she saw that there was still nothing on the tree and let out an exasperated, "Mooommmmyyy!! When is Daddy putting the lights on the tree?!" I think we need to get that done tonight!