Veterans Day 2010


I kept meaning to figure out some sort of “serene” pictures to take this week. It hasn’t really worked out. Not a lot of my days feel very serene. I thought maybe I’d look through the rest of the photos I’d taken this week and see if anything fit. Well, that didn’t pan out. I do have a collection of things that could represent whatever the antithesis of serene might be. My day-to-day is more like this craziness.

Each day there are those moments when everyone is asleep and my house is clean and quiet and calm where everything seems serene, but most often these days, I see glimpses of serenity when I’m alone. But I usually take photos of the moments where I’m doing things with other people--most often loud, crazy, chaotic and high energy things. Wonderful but not calm or tranquil.

And then Lex and I went to this earlier this afternoon.

 Our little community's short and simple ceremony to recognize Veteran's Day.

A very calm and quiet gathering to remember and honor the men and women who gave their lives or at the very least gave up their own sense of calm and comfort to provide it for the rest of us.

A great reminder how much more serene every day of mine is compared to so many on active duty today.

A great reminder that I can choose chaos or calm, raucous or serene, largely because of the sacrifices others have made for me.

Lex both loves and is terrified by the guns. If only they didn't make such loud sounds...
Lex finding Umpy's name on the wall. (His great grandfather.)

I am so thankful for all our veterans, past and present.

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  1. Great shots. I think you caught the feeling of the day perfectly from the smiles the reverance and all.

  2. Oh wow. Looks like a wonderful ceremony. That first shot is just fantastic.

  3. I am so thankful for the men and woman who fought for our freedom. This was a perfect post. Thank you for sharing. You touched my heart.

  4. wow, what a moving tribute. This is the best tribute I've seen all day. Wonderful.

  5. What a wonderful example of serene - we can live at peace because men and women have served and some have given their lives for our freedom. I think this is perfect! I honor my father and father-in-law for their service in my post as well. On a different note, you got some GREAT pictures!