Day 47: Thankful.

There is so much to be thankful for. A few things that come to mind right now:

Israel’s 13 today. Somehow he’s still as good and interested in the world and full of that calm intensity as he was the day he was born. If my babies have to turn into teenagers, so far, this is about the best possible result I can imagine.

I love the changing seasons. It's always a little exciting when the leaves start to turn gold and then a few months later that first time everything is covered in white. I love the snow and that I have a warm house that allows me to enjoy the winter rather than suffer through it.

I have so many of my most important people within a few blocks, so there’s no need to travel anywhere to celebrate the holidays. It's sort of incredible that a Thanksgiving meal isn’t a whole lot different than any of the numerous gatherings we have many times a month--sometimes a week. (Except the food might be a little better, a bit more bountiful.)

Good Health. I’m so lucky in this area. My whole family is. Israel was pretty sick and not really himself for a few weeks earlier this month. After an ER trip, some x-rays, a pneumonia diagnosis and a round of medication, he’s back to his normal self. Even the access to all those things on the rare occasion any of us isn’t feeling well makes life so much easier.

Grandparents. I hate that I only have one grandparent around these days, but I’m pretty thankful that my kids know Yaya & Papa not just as people they visit on holidays or get cards from on birthdays but as people who are a part of their lives every day. Not only are they are a huge part of their lives, they’re probably all four kids’ favorite people in the world. I’m thankful, too, that they’ve had so many great years already with their great grandparents. I never got to know my own.

My kids. I have four. What are the odds that they’d all turn out to be such incredible people? They are all so very different and interesting and puzzling to me individually, but the cumulative effect is even better.

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