Day 24: Last of the drugs

I actually went into the clinic Friday when I realized I'd had my annoying sore throat, congested mucus-y grossness for almost a month. I'm pretty lucky about not ever getting sick and even this was bearable, except whenever I'd try to teach class (or direct little children in activities that last an hour or so or anything else where I talk for that long) I'd start coughing uncontrollably. And whenever I'd run or do any other sort of exercise I'd cough uncontrollably. (And sometimes my nose would run too.) And sometimes when I'd try to sleep I'd cough uncontrollably. On top of that it's just annoying to always have a sore throat. What finally made me decided to go in was when I went to pull into Grandma's after class and realized I really shouldn't visit her while I still had whatever it was. I'd been sick so long I hadn't stopped for the last two weeks. I figured it was a win-win situation for everyone if I could actually get something that would get rid of the grossness. The PA I talked too wasn't optimistic since he'd been seeing all sorts of other people who'd had the same symptoms and their problems didn't respond to the antibiotics. He gave me a an antibiotic & cough suppression prescriptions anyway. The cough drop things he gave me didn't seem to do any good, but I think the others did. I felt a lot better by the next morning. By the next day my sore throat was completely gone. I'm pretty glad it worked -- not just because I feel better, but also because I would have been pretty annoyed if after shelling out the $100 for the visit & drugs it didn't work!
I like this handy medicine distribution pack. I took someone to the hospital in the ambulance last week who had the same prescription but all the pills were in a regular little prescription pill bottle with the instructions on the label: "Take two pills every day for one day. Then continue to take one pill every day after the first day till gone." Who writes those things? This is so much clearer.

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