Waiting for the Soccer Game to start

Since the team these little people were supposed to play thought the game was at 11:00 instead of 10:00 this morning, after they warmed up for about 10 minutes and then scrimmaged each other for about 10 more, we still had quite a while to wait for the other team to show up. At one point I heard all sorts of little voice chanting, "ZORAN! ZORAN! ZORAN! ZORAN! ZORAN!" (All these little people are into chanting loudly & in unison lately. It's sort of annoying.) Anyway I turned around to see Zoran run and jump onto the blanket the rest of the team was holding. Which they promptly dropped on the ground as soon as his weight hit.
See his little black cleat sticking out the end there? And most of the kids no longer paying attention after he was in mid-air?
 Luckily Zoran didn't seem phased by it, and the reaction of the adults standing nearby?

Well they just immediatlely helped the kids get it right. Mom, Michael & Deva to the rescue.

Ready to toss Zoran in the air. (And catch him this time, too.)
And of course once the other kids saw how much fun it was, they needed to try it too.
Canyon isn't sure he really wants to go very high.

Sequoya was a little nervous, too. Some kids just flew up in the air. Some had a firm two-handed grip on the blanket the whole time.
Tre cautiously enjoying the ride.

And Bryce has no worries.
Michael was already planning to try again with a bigger blanket and more adults the next time everyone is together.

My family is sort of awesome.

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