Looking back at Lex at Two

Watch the world silently for the first two years. Observing.  
Then one day begin talking
all at once
in complete sentences.

Show you’ve really been paying attention to language all along.
Especially when no one thinks you’re listening.
Find perfect, awkward opportunities
to break out phrases you shouldn’t say
“Dog piss!” loud and proud
from the balcony,
and then repeatedly,
loud enough to muffle Mom’s requests that you stop,
oblivious that she’s even talking to you.

Remember the sounds and cadences
of other random words that interest you.
Turn them into bizarre sing-song jingles
weeks after you’ve heard them:
“Lady gaga, gaga gaga. Lady gaga, gaga gaga.”
“DiaRHEha, DiaRHEha, MamaMIA DiaRHEha”
“Paparazzi! Paparazzi!  Paparazzi! Paparazzi!.”

Or just speak your favorite language: toilet.
Go through half hour blocks of time
where you only use words related to activities you
(should) only do in the bathroom
regardless of whether any of those words make sense in context.

But approach potty training suspiciously.
Worry it’s yet another plot to civilize you. 
Resist civilization: baths, haircuts, toilets, answering direct questions...
Find ways to avoid them all.

Get your way.
Never consider any alternative.
No rage. No excitement. No arguing. No budging.
Just continue on with whatever you’ve decided to begin.

Never swayed by reason. Or pleading. Or bribery. Or punishment. 

Use nicknames
for your “Daddy-0” & “Mama Mia”
and everyone else.
A “y” to the end of every name
makes instant pet names for everyone you meet. 

Eat as much as your three older siblings combined.
Prefer chocolate, but sample it all.
Cart around armfuls of trucks and vehicles with lights and sirens
but cover your ears and whimper when you hear any real sirens
or smoke alarms, or fireworks, or any loud noise.

Enjoy work and all the tools to get it done.
Carry around hammers, shovels and drills

(tongue poking out the side of your mouth in concentration)
and find ways to get involved in real tasks that need to be finished.

Need hugs from Azia & Zoran.
Whether you’ve been apart minutes or days
greet them with arms outstretched
no words needed;

they both know exactly what you’re looking for.
Idolize your older brother. Adopt his interests.
Tell people about Rambo and the General Lee.
Point out all the old cars he’s shown you around town.

Be especially excited about the Trans Ams and Corvettes.

Get up in the morning to see Israel, Azia & Zoran off to school
and then retreat back to Mom & Dad’s bed
cuddle deep into the blankets and pillows,
eyes squeezed closed, making small, fake snoring sounds,
enjoying another 20 minutes of rest. 

Love your pajamas.
Wear them all day if you can.
If you must get dressed,
just pick out another clean pair.

Continue doing things on your own time
in your own way.
Watch others.
Not so much to learn from them,
(it often seems)
as to decide when best to show them
all the things you already know.

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