Day 22: And even more Halloween

Well my borrowed camera had a dead battery after one blurry photo of the kids heading up to a house for trick or treating so I didn't even get a photo of them all in their costumes this year. Of course Lex refuses to wear costumes during the Halloween season anyway, so he's usually naked shortly after I force him into one. And Azia lost the bottom half of hers somewhere between wearing it at her school party Friday afternoon and me asking her where it was Friday night. She says it doesn't matter because people usually only look at the "top half" anyway and if she just makes sure Lex is in front of her in all the photos that's all that will show anyway.  I'm slightly annoyed at her losing all her fancy Wonder Woman boot covers after having them for about an hour, but I'll be even more annoyed if her red Danskos don't show up since there her favorite pair of shoes & I'm not interested in buying another pair before she grows out of them. I noticed she was wearing the exact same pair (except the size she already grew out of) later in the evening. Maybe she thinks I won't notice she's lost yet another article of clothing.

At least her top half looked good. 

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