September 27, 2010: Grandma's Lipstick

I stopped to check in on my grandma on my way back from work this afternoon & discovered she'd fallen a few hours earlier.  She was pretty uncomfortable and it didn't take much convincing to get her to let me take her to the emergency room. As I was helping her out the door she stopped me, "Wait, wait, wait. I need something on my lips. Grab that lipstick on the counter." After a splash of red she was ready to go. We quickly began the slow, careful trek out to the car. After a really uncomfortable afternoon in the ER, some x-rays, a CT, and a lot of exams and meds to control the pain we got good news that nothing was broken. They decided to keep her overnight to try to give her some rest, get the pain under control and see if they could do something to help relieve some of the discomfort & swelling in what turned out to be just a huge, larger-than-softball size hematoma on the back of her hip. When I asked what I could go get her since she was going to be spending the night, her only request: her lipstick. As an afterthought she also thought a book would  be a good idea. Then Mom also suggested maybe her cell phone & she agreed that might be a good idea. For my entire life, Grandma hasn't been without her red lipstick. I think her wanting something so mundane and familiar was as much a comfort to me as having the lipstick nearby was to her.

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