September 2, 2010: Finding the perfect (or at least affordable) carpet


  1. You have no idea how jealous I am that he sat in that cart for you.

  2. Does he not do that for you? He was so good! He actually sat there for like an hour while we picked out everything, just smiling.

    Those other two on the other hand...the only reason they're not throwing those samples at me or passers-by is that they're screwed to the counter!

  3. Oh! I was about to ask who the adorable little blonde fellow was! I guess its been a while since I've seen a recent picture of him. So cute!

    Ugh. I HATE my carpet. Its rather cheap to begin with, and its 7 years old and has, at various points, had a total of 12 children, 2 dogs, 2 cats and 5 adults living on it during that 7 years. Its gross. I keep telling Doug that I'm afraid one day I'm just going to lose it and rip half of it up before I stop and realize I have nothing to replace it with. Hopefully that's the next step after a bigger car--finding some affordable, durable carpet (or maybe not carpet--I like it in bedrooms, but its such a hassle in living spaces)

  4. Becky, I did that with my carpet a couple years ago! I was shampooing every couple days & it still seemed gross and I seriously got to the point that I figured plywood was better. Luckily Costco had laminate flooring pretty cheap so I got that and tried to figure out how to put it in. It's not perfect but it works pretty well for the daily abuse my floors get!

    This carpet it for my bedroom. It is sooooo disgusting now. Its about the only place I have carpet left.