Yankees at Safeco

Zoran checking out the game.
One of the main reasons for the hectic, last minute timing of this year's Seattle trip was that the Yankees were in town. All my boys love the Yankees and Safeco is about as close as a "home field" MLB game as we get here in Montana. Not like driving down the street to see a baseball game, but you can still get up in the morning and drive (all day) to catch a night game.

Lex heading into the game. He's prepared with his Cars backpack.
And of course the backpack is stuffed completely full of emergency vehicles.
It's good to be prepared with a backpack of distractions, since the older boys like to go to the game early. Like as-soon-as-the-gate-opens-two-hours early. There is batting practice to watch, balls to catch, players to try to talk to.

Zoran and Dev ready to catch a ball during batting practice.

Zoran was excited about A-Rod...his favorite player. His Mission Yankees jersey was #13 this year, too. He picked it out because it was the same as A-Rod. I'm not the biggest fan, but I did take some pictures for my boy.

But, lucky for Zoran, he was wearing his Joba Chamberlain jersey rather than one of his A-Rod shirts.

During batting practice some of the older kids helped him get Joba's attention and show him Zoran was wearing his jersey. He came over and gave Zoran a ball. Kind of cool. He gave Israel a ball a few years ago when we were here. 
showing off the ball
In our cheap seats up in center/ right field. Our family is too big to buy good seats--at least until Dev or I start making more money or more of our kids are old enough to really appreciate them! But finding front row seats (and preferably near the isle) makes it a little more comfortable and a little less likely to completely annoy everyone around us. Of course there is then the added danger for those sitting below us, but no one was injured this time around. That baseball-sized jawbreaker Lex dropped over the ledge hit squarely in the isle below us...no concussions for other fans or anything.
Lex and Azia were not incredibly excited about the game. Lex was for a few minutes, but he's excited about everything for a few minutes but then he wants to be excited about something new. I suppose that comes with being two. Azia used to like them, but she's now eight and decided as we were getting ready to go that baseball games were kind of long and boring.
They did both like this part of the field--the kids play area. Azia is old enough that she remembered it from last year, so she was asking about it as soon as we got there. We went there for awhile while the other boys were still watching batting practice. One good thing about this place is they sell kids meal really cheap (well comparatively for ballpark food). I was pretty excited when I discovered it last time we were here. I wish I would have known about it from the beginning.
Israel & Dev...watching the Yankees lose. I think we might be bad luck. I'm pretty sure they lost last time we were here, too, and the Mariners aren't even very good.
The game got a little long for Lex and Azia.  They slept through the last few innings! Yet another reason we get the cheap tickets!
Zoran waited till we hit the car... he's too much of a fan to sleep during the game. Lucky for me they were all well rested and ready to go swim once we got back to the hotel. Of course they were annoyed at me when I told them our pool wasn't open at midnight.

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