Saturday with Azia

This place always makes me wish I had more time to make things.
Yesterday Azia & I left all the boys home and went to get a few things to get ready for school.

We started at fabric stores, since the boys aren't usually that interested in hanging out there. Azia has also been begging to go to Joanne's since her birthday because she has a "credit card" to spend there.

checking out all the treasures at Selvedge Studio  
Azia spent about an hour searching through all the different isles at Joanne's. Craft kits, jewelry supplies, art stuff, accessories for her American doll, sock monkey kits...she just couldn't decide. Then she found the $1 bin and was even more excited. After she paid for everything she realized she still had $13.04 left on her card so she gets yet another shopping trip. 
We ate at Iza for lunch. Azia thought it was kind of cool because it was sort of like her name, just with the letters in a mixed up order. And missing one. Still it was close enough to be cool. Also, they had chopsticks.
She actually did pretty well with her chopsticks, but about halfway through she got too hungry and had to switch to the fork. It was much faster!

After lunch we headed over to the mall. I think I only go to the mall about once a year these days, if even that often.  But, Azia was pretty sure they had the best accessories. She doesn't really need any school clothes so I agreed to let her pick out some new earrings and things.
Checking out the inventory at Claire's. We spent an awful lot of time in here. (And notice Azia has added some nice spiked wrist bands to her outfit...another one of her finds at Joanne's. I think they influenced some of her jewelry and first-day-of-school outfit planning.)

Azia loves the fountain at the mall. She brought two pennies from home to throw in once we got there--one for her and one for me.
After a some wandering around the mall (and Azia getting a few more things for school--she thought she needed at least one outfit for the first day) we both went to get haircuts.
finding a photo to show her stylist what she wants
All washed up and ready to start cutting
Azia was a little too short. Her stylist had to borrow an extra cushion. Or two.
Cutting the last layers. We were there so long I didn't even remember to get a picture of her all finished! It took like an hour for her to get it washed & cut & dried & re-trimmed & styled. Then mine was just as long. Since they started like 40 minutes later than our appointment was we ended up being there about 3 hours.  No wonder I only get haircuts every couple years.
The mall was completely closed by the time we got out of there. We still hadn't got any school supplies or anything so we ran over to Target which was still open for about a half an hour. We almost had enough time to find everything. I'm still going to have to go back to get a few things Azia couldn't find as well as some of the things the boys are still needing.  And maybe some socks so I can just throw away by big basket of mismatched ones and start over. 

Fining the perfect pencils.

And the right color notebook. Her red stripes (another reason we were at the hair place so long) look pink here.
By the time we got out of there we were nearly the last ones in the store and it was completely closed, too. We just needed more hours in the day to get everything done. 
Carrying out her school supplies...and some of my project supplies...   
It was almost midnight by the time we got home and got things unloaded. Azia had been tired since about 7:00 when she was getting her haircut, but of course she couldn't go to bed without digging into some of her new craft stuff. So, at 11:47 she was sitting at the kitchen table building a pirate ship.
This was one of the craft kits she spent some of her money on at Joanne's
Some things are just more important than sleep evidently.

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