Locks of Love Donation

So this is our before picture (by Zoran) which is pretty clear why we needed haircuts-- my long annoying hair & Azia's ratty hair. She absolutely hates brushing it. I'm pretty sure she'd been in the bathroom twice already to brush it before this picture was taken.

Not so good at the self-portraits...
She cut off almost 14 inches.
Afterwards... Just realized I didn't get any great ones of Azia's hair after they cut it & spent an hour styling it. It was too late & we were in too much of a hurry I guess. Suppose now I'll have to learn how to use a flat iron--or have Azia figure it out since that's partially how they fixed hers. 

 From talking to the different hair people who have cut my hair over the years, it sounds like it takes about 4 cuts (they have to be at least 10 inches) to make one wig. Since I do this every couple years, I think I should be getting close to 2 full wigs by now.

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