Down on the Pier

As soon as we got into town we headed toward the Pier to wander around. The kids like some of the shops down that direction and it's nice to have some seafood. The seafood, the boats, the Bay...it's a collection of very not-available-in-Montana sorts of things to enjoy.
Lex was pretty excited by the racks of cars for sale. I think he thought he'd discovered buried treasure when he found to bright red vehicles that looked like they matched his ambulances.

The Old Curiosity Shop is one of the favorites. All sorts of things to look at. (And if you're Azia, potentially buy!) Of course Israel needed to see what old Estrellla thought his fortune should be.

And of course Lex was busy with the cars

I'm sure there is all sorts of good food down in that area, but we always seem to eat at Ivar's at least once.  (Even though my kids say they hate seafood, clam chowder doesn't seem to count. They love clam chowder.)
Israel & Azia waiting to help carry our piles of food.

I think for the kids, the birds are probably more interesting than the food. I much prefer the food.

Lex's fingers look a little too much like French fries. This bird got his finger instead of the food. It startled him more than hurt him.
Luckily Dad was there to make him feel better.
Hungry Yankee fans. And the giant yummy bread bowl Dev & I shared. (I don't think he actually got his share.)

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