April 3, 2010: Coloring Easter Eggs

A little last minute, but we finally put the kitchen back together enough this evening to plug in the stove and boil some eggs. We only had a few dozen, which isn't many eggs for everyone to do too many, but all the kids were very into coloring them this year. Israel filled all the cups with an egg which left fewer eggs for everyone and no place to dye them. After we pulled some out and let the other kids redye them he started making his bright green ones into Aliens. Azia made hers extra bright and then painted detailed faces on them. Zoran got stressed out because he couldn't get his exactly the right shade of blue, didn't have a fine enough paint brush to get his details right, and Lex kept touching his stuff. Lex peeled his eggs, ate them, and dyed the pieces of shells. He also liked mixing the different cups to form new shades of dye--which he then poured all over his legs. We should've boiled more eggs--we actually had cool bright colors this year. Usually they all are the same sort of pastel-brown shade by the time we're done.

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