April 18, 2010: Clean Hair

It's Lex actually getting his hair washed. Sadly this only happens about once every week and a half. He HATES having his hair washed. He takes a few baths every day and usually I can at least dump some water on his head or wring out a washcloth over him one of those times, but actually getting soap in there and scrubbing it good and rinsing it out is quite an ordeal. He really hates it for some reason. It's odd because most things don't really bother him much. Hair washing however, that makes him scream.

Today it wasn't too bad because Gwen found a tick (yuuuck...) in his hair this morning (he stayed with her last night) and I kept telling him we had to make sure there were no more bugs. Of course he just kept telling me, "Din (Gwen) got it. We burned it." But he at least let me scrub it good with soap...he only started screaming when I needed to rinse it.

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