April 11, 2010: Baseball in the Dirt

There wouldn't be anything strange about this picture if you didn't know Azia's hair was supposed to be black.

The lighting in the photo actually just makes it look sort of regular brown highlighted in the sun, not old-lady grey like it looked in person. And you can hardly see the layer of dust on her face.

Azia and Zoran went to play softball with the big group of German Baptists this afternoon down at the baseball field by our house. (Actually they told me they were there playing first and all the others came and asked if they could play, too.) You'd think with all the rain lately it wouldn't be so dusty, but after a few hours both Azia & Zoran came coming looking like they'd just been rolling around in the dirt and all their baseball equipment looked the same way. Zoran looked even crazier since he had his shirt on backwards, his hair was all standing up, and he had just as much dirt on his face as on his clothes. He was so embarrassed once I told him what he looked like he wouldn't even let me take his picture.

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