April 1, 2010: Helping Hands

No time for April Fools pranks today, but we got so much done!

The main part of our fireplace is all finished--no grout, but all the rock work is done. The bottom would be too if we didn't run out of rock. I think our salespeople charged us for more square footage than they actually put in the truck! Dev and Dan did the main front part this morning-- they had to borrow some of the boys to hold the heavy pieces in place while they set. I'm still a little amazed that the mortar held some of these giant, heavy rocks.  After I got back from teaching in Pablo this afternoon Dev went on a large rock finding expedition this afternoon to get some huge, flat slabs for the hearth. Just a few more steps...hopefully we can get it all put together in the next few days. It already looks so much better!

Michael also got all the tile set this evening. After class at the fitness center he came back and helped me grout the whole thing. I scrubbed it all a few times and I think it should be set/ dry enough to seal it tomorrow night. It looks better too. Now I just want my kitchen put back together! And right at this moment I need a shower. I just realized it's already midnight...

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