Bigfoot Hunt

Step One: Getting a hunting license.

Saturday we took an adult field trip to Elliston to see how The Lawdog Saloon runs their Bigfoot Hunt. We've been thinking we might want to do something similar for an ambulance fundraiser.  So, we piled seven of us into our car for a two-hour road trip so we could see how they do it before coming up with our own version. 
 Our Bigfoot hunting team...Michael, Eldon, Christina, Joseph, Miah & Christa...only missing Dev the photographer.

Step Two: Reading the rules.

This was the most important rule about where and when to start. Or  maybe it was just the most interesting rule because it introduces the "big" fire. It really is a big fire. One of the biggest purposeful ones I've seen.

Step Three: Examining all your hunting supplies.

Every one who got a license got a bag with gloves, a whistle, a flashlight, some jerky and some beer nuts. All the essential Bigfoot hunting equipment.

Step Four: Strategy session at the Lawdog until dark (which is also hunting time.) 

And, brainstorming ideas for our own hunt.
 Christina was well-prepared with her fingernail clippers. She tried to give Dev a little manicure before the hunt, but Dev was too frightening. The thought of accidentally clipping his fingers made her shake too much to actually trim his nails--who knew Dev was so scary!

Michael getting all the important group brainstorming down on paper. I think here he is trying to sketch an image of the mythical toar.
Step Five: Fuel for the Hunt.

Joseph and Miah decided they were up for the challenge of the one-pound "Bigfoot" burger. Miah actually ate that entire burger. He even told me he was still a little hungry about 15 minutes later. He also won $20 from Joe for the feat.
Step Six: Following the train of cars to the big fire to begin.

And it really was a big, giant fire. It seemed like a good plan though since there were hundreds of people running around unfamiliar terrain in the dark with flashlights that didn't actually illuminate anything. With the giant fire it was easy to find your way back to where you started.
 Step Seven: After the flare, find Bigfoot.

Dev and Christina off to find Bigfoot. Dev ran away and started jumping barbwire fences and wandering through people's yards and searching in tree houses. At least that's what he said. We didn't see him again after this point until after it was over and we regrouped at our power pole meeting place.

Christina and I wandered all over through the snowy fields, up & down the little hills, through the swampy mud and brush and then the people about 10 feet away from us found Bigfoot in the same little patch of brush & trees we were looking in!
Dev catching Bigfoot. Too bad it was after someone else had already brought him back to the fire.

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