Valentiney Stuff

Zoran addressing his valentines for everyone in his class.

I always forgot how old he's getting. He can write all his letter & spell a few easy things (like his name) but he also is familiar enough with enough letters he could "read" all the names from his class list.

Azia's pile of Valentines. I found her list & got all her supplies so she was ready to go & then just let her do it herself. When she was done I realized she had completely disregarded the list of names I'd given her (and which was still sitting directly beside her on the counter). When I asked her why...she didn't really see to have any answer. Or care. She just said she wanted to do it her way. That's Azia.

Zoran taking a break from his cooking making to read one of his valentines.

Paisley and some flour.

cleaning up.

Zoran working his dough

and trying out the heavy rolling pin.

Lex applies some sprinkles.

our finished cookies

Lex gave Kanana his cookie. She was very happy about that.

And then he just got another one. Because he's Lex.

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