February 9, 2010: Cookie Makers

So someone came up with this great idea for a Headstart fundraiser to get the kids little caps & gowns for graduation this spring.

It was a good plan if some of the parents actually wanted to help make the cookies. Annie came over at like noon today with a bunch of ingredients she bought. Christina brought over some more to add to what we had and we all made cookies until like 5:00pm tonight! Deva helped us for a few hours, too, but it took forever. We didn't even bake or frost them or anything. Christina was just mixing batch after batch of dough and we were rolling and cutting them out. We got a few hundred, but not even half of what was already sold. We were running out of ingredients and I don't want to buy more. Also, I don't have this many hours in my life to devote to cookie making.

Especially when I checked the box saying I'd just send the $14.95 for my kid's stuff.

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