February 20, 2010: Lex finally gets a haircut

Lex has just been getting shaggier and shaggier for a couple months now because he protests every time I try to get it cut. Last time we brought him with Zoran he just growled "No!" and ran away. He wouldn't even sit still to let me trim it--I had to snip off chunks in the front when we wasn't paying attention a few weeks ago so he could at least see (which just made the overall haircut even worse). Today it looked so crazy while he was out playing baseball I asked him if we coudl cut it & he actually said yes. We called and got him an immediate appointment. He almost changed his mind once we got up there and he actually had to sit in the chair, but bribery was actually kind of effective. The success was at least partially tied to some peanut M&Ms.

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