Baseball Anyone?

This morning I woke up to the sound of bats hitting balls. My kids seemed to sense it was the first day of Spring Training. It was kind of nice not to have to drive to wrestling early Saturday (or all the Saturdays in the next month) but I guess since we skipped that sport this year, they're all moving right on to baseball.

I have no idea where the ball is. Evidently, Azia doesn't either.

But, in her defense, here is her pitcher. He doesn't have a lot of experience. And often he just runs away with the ball.

Azia went & found all her baseball equipment--except her shoes and pants. Although, it is Azia so the orange Doc Martin Mary Janes, knee high red heart socks, shorts and white leather jacket were probably the more obvious choice for some early Spring baseball. She still seems to have a pink theme for all her equipment. I'm wondering how much longer that phase will last.

Israel & Andrew were just interested in batting practice. The just spent an hour or so taking turns hitting "homeruns." They stood at the deck and would try to hit all their stack of balls over the play yard fence.

Lex was actually more interested in most everything in the yard than baseball. He was especially interested, of course, in the available weaponry. He found this "gun" somewhere in the yard. People who don't think boys have some innate sort of attraction to guns...or weapons of some sort...just must not have boys.

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