February 1, 2010: What a way to start the month

Yes, leaky plumbing yet again. This is the 3rd of 4 valves in the new part of my house that has now failed in about the span of one year. I thought I could just stick this pot under there and do a couple loads of laundry before completely turning off the water. No such luck. It seemed to be dripping at a rapidly accelerating rate. I swear it was just dripping when I discovered it even though it obviously had been dripping for many days and the entire inside of this cupboard was drenched, warped and may be rotten. I'm hoping the bottom hold when I put stuff back. I think the wall behind it where water was accumulating has spots of mold. I just hope it didn't get under my tile, too. My wood floor is already warped from last time. Anyway, I walked away for a few hours & it was actually spraying under there and everything I'd just mopped up was flooded again. So, no water in that half of the house now--until I figure out a solution. I really wish my house wasn't continously falling apart from every direction.

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