Evil (but stylish) Azia

So once again Azia's all dressed up. For an Wednesday evening at home. Of course everyone probably has a hot pink velour & fur body suit with matching gloves and horns in their everyday wear collection, right?

And on to their favorite activity: fighting. Azia & Zoran are continuously fighting these days. They throw each other into walls and onto the floor and laugh the whole time until one of them starts crying. And one of them always starts crying eventually.

And Zoran goes down. Azia seems to be able to fight pretty well even in 3-inch heels. (But Zoran isn't crying yet. This is just the beginning of the evening. )

Azia's toothless smile. She finally lost that ugly one that was barely attached! This one fell out all on it's own. It wasn't even knocked out during the fighting like the last front one.

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