New Years Day 2010

They weren't "officially" doing the Polar Plunge in Polson this year, but a bunch of people still showed up New Year's day to jump in. This was the first wave--who almost all went all the way in. The little people beside Christina went in too, but not as fast & not as far.

Azia trying to keep warm in her towel.

Michael trying to make sure Azia gets wet above the knees.

Grandma Elda helping Bryce warm up.

Zoran was so upset. I carried Lex & all the blankets/ towels down to the lake and thought he was changing in the car. Then I realized he was standing out on the shore, shorts in hand. He didn't have time to change before everyone started running in. He was kind of devastated he missed the whole thing. He was trying not to cry but he was so upset he'd just kick things or yell if people tried to talk to him. He kicked me for taking this picture & then ran away. I probably deserved it.

Chinese Buffet afterwards....Lex was very serious about the egg drop soup. He loves that soup. If only he was better at using the spoon. Every time he eats it he ends up soaked.

Our giant group kind of takes over the restaurant. Or really anywhere we all show up at once.

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