Holiday Decorating

After the kids had done all their decorating, Zoran helped me add a few more things and straighten up for a few more hours the next day. He went behind me and adjusted every little light to make sure each was straight & not hidden behind the green.

The kids ornaments I've made for them over the years. We hung them up over the window in the living room.

All the little helpers Christmas-ize the TV room.

Dev adjusting the hat I put on his ugly friend. I thought it would help camouflage the giant head coming out of the wall. No such luck.

The boys were in charge of the tree lights. I hate that part. It's even more annoying when we have a tall tree. At least putting it against the stairs makes decorating a little more manageable.

I love our fireplace in the winter but especially around Christmas time. It is cool to be able to hang them there..if we don't melt them! They have gotten a little toasty a few times. It really drives me crazy that our rockwork still isn't done though. I hate unfinished stuff like that. It was the one house project I really wanted to get done this summer and obviously didn't. I did stuff I didn't need to buy expensive supplies for instead. I'm doing it this spring!!

I'm surprised our tree didn't fall down the first day with all these little people crawling all around it.

Lex checking out all the decorations. Nearly everything is made of glass. Nothing is childproof except the kids nativity (which they'd already taken all the characters away somewhere and lost). As we were putting up the tree Lex especially liked all the glass tree bulbs...and the way they shattered against the wood floor. Last year he's do this accidentally. This year he was doing it on purpose. He's old enough now to know he's not supposed to, but we'll see if he remembers. Dev just thinks I'm crazy to put all the breakable stuff out. We'd didn't lose too much of it yet & I think so far I think it was Israel (not the little kids) who broke the most when he knocked over one of the containers full of bulbs.

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