Packable, Stackable, Wonderful Snow

This afternoon the weather was finally perfect for perfect snow.

This was incredibly exciting for Zoran who had been trying (unsuccessfully) to create snow creations since the first snow arrived. This afternoon they didn't have school since the teachers were getting ready for the Headstart dinner this evening so he set to work building himself a snow house. He actually had a pretty good igloo going and then we left for a few minutes during which time Israel arrived home and began disassembling it. Zoran saw him before we even turned into the driveway & started freaking out and screaming at him. Luckily not too much damage had been done & and Israel helped him repair it and then Zoran set to work on building the snowman.

It was warm enough that Zoran really didn't think he needed snow pants. Or really even any long pants at all. He likes the boots for the snow, but always would prefer to wear basketball shorts, because really, you never know when you'll need to play some basketball.

He needed some help getting the head lifted up on top (which Israel assisted with) but mainly he did the whole thing himself.

This is really disgusting. Zoran was so excited to show me the yellow snow. I was about to ask him "Do you know what that is?" and tell him how gross it was, but he started in right away telling me "This is where I peed!" "And this spot is where Bryce peed!" "And that's where Jack peed!"


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