Christmas 2009

The kids all had fun opening their presents in the morning, but no one is a better gift receiver than Azia. This year she was so genuinely excited about everything. After she opened up the giant polly pocket plane from one of Christina's kids on Christmas Eve she played with it for hours at Mom& Dad's and then set up the whole thing on the floor in her room when we got home and made a bed beside it. The highlight for her of course was when she opened this American Doll she's been wanting forever. She was actually squealing and screaming and bouncing up and down. I should have been recording her. And then, as she opened everything she was a hurricane of paper and boxes and presents and whatever else was in her wake. Azia the hurricane.

And Zoran was exactly the opposite. Examining everything and then neatly adding it to his tidy, stacked pile.

Of course after the presents had been opened, one of the first things was to head to Jenna's & visit. They kids all got scooters so Azia jumped on hers, put on some of her new clothes, put Carissa's (her doll) clothes in her backpack and the doll under her arm and scooted away.

The only thing Zoran really wanted was a transformer. I hate these things. I looked forever to try to find one that actually looked transformable or that he could actually play with. No such luck, but this is exactly what he wanted and was very excited to have "Optimus" when he opened it. Unfortunately, it seems nearly impossible to transform. Dev and Reggie had to tag team it to do it and I think it took the two of them like an hour. Why do they make these toys like this?!!

Since we do our big dinner and celebrating Christmas Eve, it's always nice that Christmas Day is so relaxing. We went to the movie in Polson. (Yay Mom who took all the kids to the Chipmonks Movie so we could go to Sherlock Holmes.) When we got home I didn't even have to cook--yay again for leftovers from Christmas Eve dinner.

My giant wreath on Christmas night. Mom's class at school made these for the Dogs with Wings Fundraiser. They really did a nice job.

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