Septmember 18, 2009: Homecoming

Today's the last day of Homecoming week so the kids were all looking for their blue & white today. By the time we were ready for school Azia was crying because I gave her the wrong hairstyle. She HATES buns of any kind, but especially when I try to pull up all her hair like I wanted to here (except for the bright blue ends). She was kind of hysterical (and refused to look at the camera). I did get everything untwisted so she had regular ponytails and wasn't traumatized by going to school like that. Zoran was mad because we ran out of time and he didn't have time to get his face painted like his brother, but he did still have the coolest blue hair. Lex was running around finding everyone's tennis shoes & couldn't even sit still long enough for the picture. But Israel is obviously just very cool.

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