Septmember 17, 2009: Mojo

This morning Israel called me and I had such a bad headache I was trying not to even open my eyes let alone listen to people. Apparently, I agreed he could have a cat. I just remember not wanting to talk on the phone anymore. I thought I had imagined it all because I couldn't think of where it would've been throughout the whole school day, but then I ran into Christy Krantz before Israel got home. She rescued the strays & brought them to school to pawn off on her students! She said she asked Israel if he was going to take both of them & he said "I just can't believe she even said yes to one!!! I better not press my luck." He knows me well. I spend quite a lot of time each week telling my kids we can't have animals.

I'm beginning to understand why "Ironman" has done so well here. After whatever he went through before we rescued him that made him starving and whiskerless, Lex & all his roughness probably does seem loving. I didn't even know Mojo had arrived & then I heard him whimpering. I went into the living room & Lex was laying on his stomach growling at poor Mojo who was huddled in the corner. He's still pretty frightened of everything right now.

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