August 5, 2009: Earwig Invasion

I HATE these things! It's bad enough when I find random ones through out the house or in any towel I try to leave drying on the deck but I finally figured out they are the reason the flowers by my front deck keep dying! After I replaced the ones in the planter for the second time, I happened to go out at night and saw the hundreds and hundreds crawling all over the flowers. Each little one-inch blossom had 5-7 bugs on it. I didn't even have my camera to capture that--the grossest part. This was the solution I found while googling my problem. A little cooking oil in a tuna can. I didn't have a tuna can but I put these cups like 5 inches apart and they were filled up like this the next morning. So gross. Isreal didn't believe where they came from so I told him to look at the flowers the next night. I heard him shout from inside: "It looks like the soil is alive!" I don't think the traps actually decreased the problem...maybe if I did it for a few weeks but I'm not really that dedicated of a gardener. So problably they'll all continue to do, but I guess at least I know why.

Seriously annoying bugs, I only have like 6 plants in the whole couple acres, couldn't you just leave them alone!

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