August 31: Chaos to begin the school year

So it was the first day for UM students to go back and the first day for Brooklyn to be here all day. Of course I'm on call and the first page was right after 8:00. Right when all my kids should be at school, just as Kristin was going to be dropping off her kids. Of course Gwen hadn't dropped Maysa off yet and my radio didn't go off the first time and Annie didn't know where to go first (my house or Mom's house to get Gwen's kids). And of course Kristin did come while no one was here except Israel who I had stay & watch the little kids for me till Annie arrived. Luckily we didn't transport so I was home to sort things out fairly quickly. Then a few hours later as I was just getting lunch on the table there was a car wreck out on Mission Dam Road so we atually did need to be gone awhile. Poor Annie. Kanana and Brooklyn cried the whole time and Paisley pooped on things. I hate hectic days.

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