August 18, 2009: Skatepark

Invasion of the skatepark. So this is why we try to avoid the times when other "real" skaters show up. A few of these guys in our group can skate. And a lot of them like to sit on their boards and scoot around or just run crazily around the whole thing. Luckily it was very hot so the group in this shade gradually grew and they were all ready to go after an hour or so. Just about the time we were leaving some 60+ year-olds on roller skates showed up. They were actually pretty good-- "professionals" according to some of the other little boys there, but they also did remind me as we were talking, although this skatepark was a fun place, "it is a place for wheels." Which I'm pretty sure meant it wasn't a place for all the wild kids roaming without wheels.

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