Whitefish Mini-vacation

We haven't gone anywhere as a family recently so we decided to turn the train trip into a little mini-vacation. Also this meant we didn't have to get up at 3:00am (just 5:30).

We stayed at a hotel in Whitefish that had a pool and waterslide and the kids spent a few hours swimming before we went to Pizza Hut for a late dinner. Then we just hung out in the hotel room before bed (and the early morning.)

Zoran comes to visit Lex at his favorite spot at the pool: in a towel beside it. I think largely it was the noise & waves from the waterslide, but Lex really didn't like the pool. Usually he kind of likes water. He'd kind of nervously hold on to me and whine (but not cry) after an hour or so there, but he still really kept his eye on the big, noisey tube of water.

Lex the lifeguard...his spot on the deck to watch everyone else swim.

Trying to convince Lex the pool is fun. (Notice the look on his face; he's not yet convinced.)

Zoran & Dev

Israel & Dev. They spent most of the time in the water wrestling, and throwing each other around (well that was mostly Dev) and trying to dunk one another. They also went down the slide a few times.

Christa and the kids.

Azia the swimmer.

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