Lex Loves Azia

Last night I went on an ambulance call just as Lex was getting sleepy. I told Azia to go get Israel out of his room, but instead, she just took care of Lex. When I got home (like 2 hours later) I realized essentially I had left my 6-year-old in charge. Israel was asleep in his bedroom and Azia was asleep on the couch with Lex.

In the morning I asked Israel about it and he just said, "So I guess I don't get paid if I just slept."

I asked Azia why she didn't go give Lex to Israel and she said "I wanted to do it."

She is really good with Lex. It's too bad she wasn't awake to enjoy him cuddling with her. She is always trying to carry him around and snuggle with him and Lex just yells and and tries to get away--he's too busy to be babied these days. That doesn't stop Azia from trying.

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