Kids Fall Portraits 2009

Azia-Rain, 7 years

Israel, almost 12

Lex, 2 years

Zoran, 5 years

So I actually had someone in Sears take these photos. And she was AWFUL! I've been going there for a long time and about every other year they're really good. I need to pay more attention so I can actually request a photographer I like, because two of the women there are really good. This new girl however, not so much. She had no sense of child development. Just a few small examples: she was just asking Lex to sit certain ways and position himself and assuming a just barely two-year-old was actually even going to look at her. And then she was having Israel do poses that would be quite cute for a 3-year-old little girl. But he is not a three-year-old little girl. The things she was asking Azia & Zoran...she talking to Azia like she was the two-year-old. Azia & Zoran just stood there most of the time with their plastic smiles because they had no idea what the hell she was talking about. Every time I'd walk out to try to entertain Lex (because he was bored to death and tired of the little room since it was taking so long) she'd so something bizarre like perch Azia's hat on the top of her head. And on top of all that her basic photography skill were bad--strangely cropped, out of focus in the wrong places. We were there for so long waiting for each step of the process (like almost 3 hours!) I didn't even stay and look through the pics she took forever editing or making into annoying collages. I just got the cheapest package that included the CD & spent a few hours in photoshop trying to salvage a few images. I have a few that aren't bad, but after all that hassle & expense I wish I would've just taken them myself to begin with.

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