87: "Hey is my sister in there?"

Azia has been so busy lately–practicing with two softball teams, practicing everyday with a group of sixth graders who are playing in a basketball tournament this weekend, doing a pretty good job keeping up with all her schoolwork and projects. Today she went from school to basketball, to softball, to jiu- jitsu, and then home to work on her movie project.

Now if I could only convince her to fill in annoying band practice time sheets... repetitive paperwork and bookkeeping tasks are not a strong point for any of my children. I do not think they are on a path to being helpful administrative assistants. (Azia's lowest grade is in band because she can't remember to keep the practice log; I think once in September Zoran wrote down time on his reading log.) Clearly these sorts of tasks are not my strength either since I can't seem to follow through on making my children get them done. (My excuses: There are so many of these kids! And so many logs for so many different tasks!) I've compensated for my flightiness in this area by having a job where others will do much of this for me at work...now if only someone would supply an employee to handle all my home office paperwork deadlines.

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