Zayda: 7 Months!

Seven months. . . she's a little less baby every day!

She doesn't sleep a whole lot; she stays up late, gets up early, only naps occasionally. She doesn't seem to ever want to miss out on what the older kids are doing.  But she is still almost always in a good mood. (Maybe she sleeps all day when I have to leave her for work & just stays awake the days she's home with me? Of course she doesn't want to miss hanging out with me. ;) ) She does like to help me work, but now she's so grabby and restless getting things done with her on my lap isn't as easy as it used to be.

I was realizing the other day she's about old enough we should probably back away the swing and baby chairs– but she was hardly ever in them. A couple of my other babies loved the swings for the first few months; I bet Zayda hasn't even been in it a dozen times. She doesn't mind it, but I think she's just always had so many people around and always been so content wherever she is, I just always forget it's an option. 

I think she'll be excited when she can crawl around (she already loves getting into everything) but I was betting the other kids she'd walk later than any of them. She's not nearly as determined to be mobile as they were. But we'll see... she is getting really annoyed now that she can't quite get up to sitting on her own.

She does love her hands and tries to get a hold of everything. And everything she gets her hands on goes in her mouth. Food is her favorite–nearly every kind of food except actual baby food that comes in the little jars. She seems very unclear about why she would want to eat any of that. But she's pretty much game for anything else and is always excited about eating.

And so far she likes being outside.  She's been enjoying her first winter and all these piles of snow!

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