59: Snow Day #2 for the Week!

Everything shut down around here today!

I don't remember having so many things closed. Ever. Mission kids already didn't have school scheduled for the day, but all the Missoula schools were also closed.  The tribal offices were all closed. SKC shut down at 11:00. The UofM had a snow day for the first time in decades. The local schools cancelled all sporting events for the evening and weekend, and our boys basketball team stayed overnight in Hamilton so they wouldn't have to travel. The Mall in Missoula closed early, and the church even cancelled Skate Conference which was supposed to be this Sunday. There was so much snow in Missoula they even had an avalanche in the Rattlesnake. It slid down the mountain, took out a house, and trapped an 8-year-old who was outside and the older couple who lived in the house. All three were alive when they took them to the hospital, but it took 3 hours to find them all and gt everyone out.  Avalanches are not common around here either--at least in town. It sounds like this one came down right onto Van Buren Street. A few hours after the avalanche they diverted some of the rescuers to look for two skiers who were lost up at Snowbowl.

We did get a ton of snow, too. We measured this afternoon and it was about 17 inches. A few of those inches were left over from Monday, but in many places in the yard it's twice that deep because of drifts. It wasn't too cold in Mission, so the kids had fun playing outside and just generally not being at school.

And, It sounds like we're supposed to get yet another storm Sunday. Apparently we're really having winter this year.

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