51: glowing hills

When I finally make it to Thursday I'm really excited to get up in the morning and hang out with Zayda and not have to drive into work.  I always plan to use the day to get caught up on reporting and grading and email and all the work that piles up when I have to work in the middle of all sorts of other people all week. But, my house is such a disaster by that point in the week I end up doing nothing but trying to catch up there. And I'm in such a bad mood by about noon I find myself violently washing dishes already thinking about how I'm not going to have any time to sleep before work the next day.  Probably working from home is not the best set up for me right now.

At least this week I achieved a three-day streak of actually cooking dinner: lasagna, enchiladas, and white chicken chili. Israel cooked the day after when he didn't have to work. Sadly, I think that may be our real mealtime record for 2014. Something to aim to beat in March, I guess.

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