250: Piglet Plunge!

Gwen and Lex making their way through one of the obstacles

This is such a fun race. I've done it with a big group of friends the past couple years.  The first year it wasn't organized by the big national company that does all the Dirty Dashes--just a local group. It was a far different sort of race (twice as long, up the ski hill with less mud) so it was a different kind of fun than this. The Dirty Dash is totally non-competitive and much more a mud-filled, fun obstacle course than a run.

Unfortunately it's really expensive and this year I couldn't really justify putting $60 on the credit card for an hour or so of my own entertainment when I haven't even had money for food all month. But, I thought it was pretty cool my kids saved their own money to pay their entry fees (the kids' Piglet Plunge costs $20 rather than the $55+ fees for the Dirty Dash). I love that they'd spend their own money on something fun and active like this.

(Lex, although, did not earn much money this summer and would likely not have saved any if he had. He also was not planning to run the race. . . until he suddenly started running the race all by himself. . . typical Lex approach to things. I started following him--because he wasn't interested in running with me at that point--he seemed to have his own agenda. He did pretty quickly catch up to Gwen and the other kids running.)

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